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020198:LED electric display game clock 110V
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Race Timing Clock User’s Manual



1. Function


This outdoor LED Race Timing Clock supports the following three functions:


a. Countdown – Countdown between 99:59:59 in hours minutes seconds; (countdown mode)


b. Count up – Count up between 00:00:00 and 99:59:59 in hours minutes seconds; (count up mode)


c. Real Time clock – Support 12/24-hour format display on real time clock function; (real time clock mode)

2. Remote Control Operation


The clock can only be controlled by this RF remote control, the max control distance is 50 meters, the efficient control distance should be within 30 meters from the clock.


Edit Button: Press to enter edit mode; Choose 12/24 format; After edit is finished, press to save your set data;


Up Button: Press to choose number under edit mode; Adjust brightness to a higher level under real time clock mode; Switch to count up mode under countdown work mode;


Down Button: Press to choose number under edit mode; Adjust brightness to a lower level under real time clock work mode; Switch to countdown mode under count up work mode;


Move Button: Switch between count mode and real time clock mode under work mode; Move edited number to the next one under edit mode;


Start, stop/pause, and brightness control explanation


For real time clock, after the edit is finished and press edit to save the set data, it will start to run automatically. The brightness should be adjusted under real time clock work mode by UP or Down button;



Start, stop/pause for countdown or count up is easy to confuse. But just remember, when you want to stop a countdown, you should press on UP button, and if you want to continue this countdown, you need to press on DOWN button. But if you want to change this countdown to count up at the stop time, you need to press on UP button. You can start your count up at any time. To change count up to countdown, you need to press DOWN button and to continue this count up, press UP button.


Example of real time clock 13:59:59


When the clock is under real time clock work mode, press Edit button to enter edit mode; Press UP or Down button to choose number 1; Press Move button to the next number and use UP or Down button to choose 3; Do the same until the


last number 9 is input; Press Edit button to save your setting and enter 12/24-hour display format. Now the time 13:59:59 is shown on the clock screen (if you choose 12-hour display format, it will show 1:59:59) and will run to 14:00:00 immediately and keep on running the time.


Example of 30 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds countdown


Press Down button first and then use UP, DOWN and MOVE button to input 30, 59, 59 and then press EDIT button. Now 30:59:59 stays on the screen. Press DOWN button to start this countdown. Say when time runs to 30:59:50, and you want to stop it, press on UP button. If you want to continue this countdown, press DOWN button again.


A. Button Operation


1. When you are using AC power, the left green button should be pressed down.


2. When you are using DC power (you connect a battery inside the clock) to power up your clock, the green button should be popped up.


3. When you use the battery to power up the clock, you need to press the right red button down;


4. When you recharge your battery, the red button should be popped up.


B. Battery Connection


When you need to use a battery for your clock, you need to solder the cable shown on the right picture to your battery.


Don’t connect your cable opposite, otherwise, the clock may get burnt!

 Item number:020198



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