Instruction of Template and Printing
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Details about decorating image
-Place the template files under the install file so as to find it quickly.

-if you find your image is not match with the chosen frame£¨ as left picture £©

1-according to the size of the image£¬change the frame

2-not change frame
-adjust the aspect ratio canvas of your image using photofiltre£»-adjust the frame¡¯s length and width

1-Rotate the frame with cursor and the image too

2-Move the image with cursor

3-Move the frame and image with cursor

4-Stretch the frame left and right with cursor

5-Stretch the frame up and down with cursor

6-Enlarge or shrink the frame and image with cursor.

Details about printing

1-Printer Setup£º
-Select the Printer Model will be used.;
-in the main window click the quality option and select image RPIII
-Select high-quality glossy photo paper in the print option
-select the page mirror in ¡°choose page layout¡±

2-Set the image size
-the distance of the image from the edge is 1£¨left) * 1£¨tep£©
-the image size of mug is 20.4£¨w£©*8.1£¨h£©

3-lock the size ratio of the image.£¨generally£¬it is deselected£©

About Template

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