Why Use  Transfers? 
Why would you want to print transfers  that require extra materials (the  paper), extra labor (the transfer  application process), and more equipment  (a heat transfer press) when you can  print directly on the garment? There are  several situations where plastisol  transfers are actually more efficient,  economical, and profitable than direct  printing.

For  example, suppose you have a contract to  provide decorated T-shirts for a  once-a-year event but you have no way of  knowing in advance how many shirts will  be sold. If you prints too few shirts,  you will unnecessarily limit your sales.  If you prints too many shirts you'll  take an expensive loss on the unsold  shirts. However, if you print the design  on transfers, you can take the  transfers, a transfer press, and a stock  of blank shirts to the event and  decorate the shirts to order. At the end  of the day you have some unsold blank  shirts, which you can put back in stock  to sell another day, and some surplus  transfers, which only cost you a few  cents each so you can afford to throw  them away. Sales are increased and waste  is reduced.

Plastisol heat transfers may also be the  most profitable decorating method when  you have to reprint a design frequently,  but in small quantities. Let's assume  that you have a design that you print  four or five times a year, but each  order is for a small quantity of shirts.  The labor involved in setting up the  press each time will significantly  increase the cost of the job. If you  print an entire years supply of  transfers in one press run, you can  store them, then quickly and  inexpensively apply them to blank  garments as each order comes in. Job  costs are considerably reduced and the  shirts can be decorated in minutes.

Plastisol heat transfers are also a  popular method of decorating baseball  caps. Baseball caps are difficult to  print well because of the complications  involved in printing on a curved  surface. Transfers for baseball caps can  be printed very quickly because the  design is so small that you can print  several on one sheet of paper. Applying  the designs is also quick and easy with  a special cap transfer press that  automatically wraps the transfer around  the curve of the cap.

Another  factor in favor of plastisol transfers  is that, for beginners at least, only  simple, inexpensive equipment is  necessary. Although large transfer  companies that produce millions of  transfers a year use complicated and  expensive production equipment, for  printing small orders or to get started  in heat transfer production, a simple  press, a hair dryer or flash dryer, and a heat  transfer press is all that is required.

And  certanly,you can just sell these printed  transfers with your fantasic designs on  market,buyer can apply them by  themselves,another huge earning money  channel.